Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Personal Requirements:

  • Any candidates who wear glasses must produce Sentinel cards showing this. As a result, new starters must supply two photographs with glasses if worn.
  • Candidates attending Re-Certification must bring evidence of assessment where appropriate and completed logbooks with correct number of counter signed entries.
  • Only sponsored candidates are permitted to attend Sentinel Approved Courses. Evidence of sponsorship will be in the form of signed authority (completed booking form) Company safety critical ID. This must be adhered to by all candidates.
  • Colour vision must be confirmed and supported by medical evidence for courses which require full colour vision.
  • All delegates must bring with them suitable Network Rail approved PPE for PTS Initial courses.
  • Items required for PTS Initial Courses are:
    • Hi Viz vest with company logo & Hi Viz trousers.
    • Blue Hard hat with company logo.
    • Covered steel toe capped safety boots with ankle support and mid sole protection.
    • Training during winter months will require your delegate to bring foul weather PPE.
  • Epps Training Development Ltd will supply TSHB to new PTS delegates only.New delegates must have their Medical and Drugs and Alcohol screening results uploaded to the Sentinel Database prior to their arrival for training.
  • New PTS delegates will be required to bring two forms of identification – one of which must be photographic (i.e. new drivers licence or company ID) and three passport photographs.
  • Delegates who already hold Sentinel Track Safety cards do not need to bring any additional ID or medical evidence – but may need a new Drugs and Alcohol screening if they have moved to a new sponsor / or need to begin a new sponsorship agreement.
  • Candidates of Lookout competency and above must be 18 years of age and have sufficient literacy and numeracy to complete any course training and assessments.
  • Candidates for PTS must be 16 years of age or older. There are special arrangements for PTS holders between the ages of 16 and 18 years.
  • For PTS Candidates only, ability to read and write is not a pre-requisite. We do request you would contact us if there are any special needs or learning difficulties which need addressing before the training.

End of Course:

  • On completion of training you will be informed of your delegates result within one week of the training event.
  • Any delegate who fails or who is removed from the course will be given an explanation of their requirements for improvement or conformity on the day.
  • Epps Training Development Ltd. Co. No. 6003372. Reg. Office: Bridge Road, Ashford, Kent.TN23 1BB.


  • Where a delegate thinks they may be late they must contact the training centre to inform them of their situation.
  • If they cannot make training within the start time it might be necessary to re-book the event.
    Epps Training Development Ltd will supply you with a copy of the Joining Instructions to be given to your delegates. We ask that you do ensure they adhere to our instruction.
  • Candidates attending all courses must present themselves to reception no later than ten minutes prior to commencement of training. All courses will begin at 9am and finish 4.15 pm prompt each day. LATE ARRIVALS WHO HAVE NOT INFORMED THE TRAINING CENTRE WILL BE TURNED AWAY.
  • Tea and coffee facilities will be available at the centre. Epps Training Development Ltd has a no smoking policy within all building areas and car parks. Smoking can only take place in the designated place.

Health and Safety:

  • At the beginning of training, anyone who already holds a Sentinel Card will have the card withdrawn and retained until the completion of training.
  • Those who pass or whose existing competencies are maintained will receive them back. All others will have them withdrawn until new cards are issued.
  • No one will be permitted to carry out working duties whilst undergoing training.
    All delegates must have had at least 12 hours rest before attending training at ETD Ltd.
    All delegates must be able to hold a conversation in English.
    All delegates who are attending advancement training other than PTS must be fully conversant in spoken and written English.


  • Only authorised bookings can be accepted.
  • Authorising persons will be SENTINEL Co-ordinator.
  • We will not accept self authorised booking forms.


  • All fees must be paid in advance.
  • All unpaid courses, booked prior but cancelled in last 5 days before course will be charged at the full ETD rate.
  • Payments made by cheque should be made out to Epps Training Development Ltd and reach ETD Ltd no later than 7 days prior to the event.
  • There will be no reductions for block bookings.
  • Cancellations will be refunded as follows:
    • up to fourteen days before full refund.
    • If cancelled 6 -14 days before the course, then ETD Ltd will give a 50% refund.
    • If cancelled in the last 5 days prior to the course then no money will be returned.

Data Protection and Privacy (GDPR):

Epps Training Development Ltd has a Data Protection and Privacy Policy and takes the privacy and security of candidate personal details and information very seriously. This policy is available to be viewed on this website in the “footer” area and covers all the requirements of GDPR (2018) and the DPA (2018) (formerly DPA (1998)). All data will be controlled and processed in line with all applicable laws relating to data protection including The Data Protection Act (2018) and The GDPR (2018) as it currently stands or any law deriving from it when the UK leave the European Union.